Operational DEMO Metocean Forecast Service for the Orkney Island, UK

EMEC is a test centre created to promote the development of the wave and tidal stream energy conversion industries in the UK and wider. The established open-sea grid-connected test facility allows a ‘plug and play’ approach for testing of new wave and tidal energy devices in full scale.
The wave test site is located off the west coast of Mainland Orkney, 2km off Billia Croo bay. There are currently four test berths located in water depths of approximately 50m. The average significant wave height is approximately 1.9m.
The tidal test site is located to the west of Eday, one of Orkney’s Noth Isles, and east of Mucle Green Holm, is a tidal stream known as the Fall of Warness. This body of water is approximately 2km wide and 3.5km long. There are currently five test berths located in water depths of approximately 25-50m. Due to the narrow channel very strong tidal streams occur. During spring tides the typical strength is approximately 3.4 m/s and for neap tides approximately 1.3 m/s.
The operational service provides 5 days forecast twice daily. It includes wind, water level, current and waves.

3D view of model bathymetry and computational mesh

Location of EMEC’s test sites

EMEC’s wave test site at Billia Croo. Photo courtesy of EMEC.

EMEC’s tidal test site at Fall of Warness. Photo courtesy of EMEC.